We’ve set up an online training platform to support industry access to training. While this training is not accredited (view a list of accredited training options here) it can be used in induction processes for people working in the pork industry, and to help support further development of skills and understanding on the farm of in the workplace.

Most of the available courses come with a certificate of completion, which can be added to training records for quality assurance (QA) programs.

The platform can be accessed by computer/laptop, phone, or tablet. If you’re a member of the Australian pork industry, in production or a supporting/service role, access to the platform and courses is free.

Available courses

Induction to the pork industry

  • For people working in the pork industry, on farm or in a service role
  • Part 1 - an overview of the industry, biosecurity and production
  • Part 2 - A number of the day-to-day husbandry activities and processes that take place on a piggery



  • Available for stockpeople on farm, transporters and lairage staff
  • Aims to minimise handling stress and improve animal performance and welfare, as well as stockperson job satisfaction


Transport welfare and biosecurity

  • For people who own and/or work with pigs during transport
  • Aims to help learners understand their legal obligations and best practice during pig transport


African swine fever (ASF) training course

  • Aims to help members of the pork industry understand ASF and prepare for a potential disease outbreak



  • Relevant information about biosecurity in the pork industry for anyone who owns, manages, or works with pigs


Necropsy of a pig

  • For vets and senior farm staff
  • Aims to help learners understand how to take samples for exclusion testing and identify signs of disease


Pork eating quality

  • Aims to help learners understand the effect that pH and other factors can have on pork quality
Getting access

Existing users can log into the training platform here. If you’re having any issues, please check our user guides.

If you do not currently have access but would like it for yourself or on behalf of your business or team, please contact Rowena Davis.

You can request access as an:

  • Admin - for business owners, managers, or HR and training staff
    • Admin access lets you complete courses and also set up and manage accounts for other users in your team or business
  • Learner – for anyone else
    • Learner access lets you access and complete the courses
User guides

For help getting set up on and using the online training platform, see our user guides.