It's important to talk about the quality products and people that make up our industry. The team at APL work to ensure these products make it to an Aussie dinner plate.

Get some Pork on your Fork

The Get some Pork on your Fork program focuses on maintaining demand of fresh pork with Australian consumers.

Currently the program is focused on communicating the versatility of pork, with our advertising that focuses on pork shoulder, and pork chops. This advertising demonstrates the versatility of pork through showcasing these cuts and the various meal options that can be made with that one cut, providing the viewer with easy weeknight meal inspiration.

This campaign is airing in capital cities across Australia on free to air TV and radio, as well as nationally on paid TV, catch up TV, YouTube and Spotify. This campaign is also supported through social channels, and through a sponsorship with, highlighting easy weeknight meals with pork across the platform.

You can find easy, weeknight meals with pork on our consumer website.

Valuable Provenance

The Valuable Provenance Program was created to add sustainable value to the industry. We do this by differentiating Australian pork from imported pork.

Most consumers are unaware they are buying ham or bacon made from imported pork. Our focus is to raise awareness of this fact so that consumers can make an educated choice when looking for ham, bacon or pre-cooked pork made with Australian pork.

The program recently completed a trial awareness campaign in Adelaide. There were two key messages for this campaign.

  1. The majority of ham and bacon is imported
  2. Look for a nearly full bar chart on the country-of-origin label to ensure you’re buying Australian pork

The campaign was deemed a success at message out-take on the areas above and increased sales above national sales in the trial market. Next steps are being planned for localised roll outs. Ultimately, once awareness has been established, the program will look to create positioning on WHY consumers should buy Australian pork over imported pork and around our industry’s leading standards.

The program will continue to celebrate ham and made using Aussie pork. Events like InterNational Bacon Day and the lead up to Christmas are key to this activity.


PorkStar is a unique influencer brand for the Australian pork industry with a long term goal of driving influence and desirability of pork.

We do this by engaging with influential high end chefs, media and food professionals to change and drive the perception, value and preference of pork.

This unique approach enables us to connect our influencers at all levels from farm to plate.


The Foodservice program is all about inspiring chefs and venues to put Australian pork on their menu. We work with our supply chain, venues, chefs and cooks in the affordable to moderate segment.

Activities for 22/23 include:

  • Insights: Out-of-home reports deliver exclusive monthly, quarterly and annual insights
  • Supply chain: Working with producers, processors and distributors
  • Advertising/communications: Campaigns aligned with seasonal menu planning
  • Partnerships: Encourage pork usage with venues, chefs and various supply chain members
  • Education: Next generation of chefs
Pork Butchers

Pork Butchers is a free program dedicated to providing resources to support butchers across Australia. With the end goal of getting butchers to stock and sell more pork.


The program point-of-sale (POS) material to showcase the benefits and versatility of pork. We also provide recipes to educate consumers on pork and how simple it is to include as an everyday meal. The aim of the point-of-sale kits are to support the butcher in selling pork to customers in store.

Newsletter and Facebook

The weekly e-newsletter updates the industry on our program and marketing opportunities. This includes industry updates, market insights, business tips and consumer recipes.

Pork Butchers also run a private Facebook group for butchers. This is a great way to be involved in the Australian butcher community and receive updates.

Value-added recipe books

We work closely with a team of talented butchers and recipe developers. Together we provide relevant and fresh value-added recipes for Australian butcher stores. These recipes are designed for butchers to create and sell to their customers.