Accredited training is training assessed by a registered training organisation (RTO). It results in a formal, nationally-recognised qualification.  
If you’re a stockperson, these qualifications may be necessary to be considered ‘suitably competent’ to work with pigs. They’re also a good way to further develop pork-industry relevant skills.  
Here you’ll find some information about the different pig-related courses from Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). 

Pork Industry Stockperson Skill Set

Meet the requirements for: 

  • Industry welfare 

  • Quality assurance  


Certificate III in Pork Production

If you’re a graduate of this qualification, you’ll be expected to:  

  • Have an occupational outcome in the pork industry 

  • Perform a range of tasks associated with the role of piggery attendant  

  • Perform tasks involving a broad range of skills

  • Apply discretion and judgement in selecting:  
    • Equipment 

    • Services  

    • Contingency measures.