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Types of Farming

There are many and varied ways to raise pigs in Australia. Farmers use different combinations of housing for their pigs depending on their individual farm setup. There is however one single most important factor in addressing the welfare needs of pigs and how pigs are raised in Australia. This is the husbandry skills of the producer and stock handlers. These people are responsible for the well being of the animal, their dietary, health and environmental requirements.

The Australian pork industry has spent millions of dollars on research into how best to house our pigs at various stages of growth. These research results have contributed to standards for housing pigs internationally and have shown that the Australian pork industry is dedicated to pig welfare, environmental stewardship and to the education of stock persons who handle the animals.

Remember a well cared for pig is a productive pig.

The three types of pig farming systems are:

For more information on how pigs are farmed visit the Aussie Pig Farmers website.