Around 90% of Aussie pigs are housed indoors for each stage of the production cycle.

Indoor production lets producers:

  • Manage pigs for optimum health and well-being
  • Protect pigs form extreme environmental elements
  • Reduce risk of disease and predators
Stages of pork production

When producing indoors, each shed assists in different life stages of the pig.

These life stages include:

  • Mating and pregnancy
  • Birth to weaning
  • Weaners
  • Grower
  • Finisher

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In indoor farming systems, housing conditions change for sows depending on their stage of reproduction.

For example, farrowing sheds are for sows giving birth and lactating.

Indoor housing for sows include:

  • Sow stalls
  • Loose housing
  • Farrowing crates
  • Mating stalls

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