Outdoor production is generating increasing interest. In general, outdoor piggeries: 

  • Keep pigs in paddocks 

  • Pigs can be kept with open deep litter shelters or basic huts 

  • Rotate paddocks with a crop-forage-pasture phase 

  • Have different environmental risks than conventional systems 

Here you'll find support and guidance for outdoor production and best practice environmental management.


As part of our “Outdoor Production Awareness” project we created a series of videos on outdoor piggeries.  

These clips were filmed at Western Plains Pork and Greta Valley Free Range Pork.  

We recommend them to new outdoor producers or anyone thinking about starting an outdoor piggery.  
Watch these videos to learn about: 

  • Selecting a good site 

  • Promoting even nutrient distribution 

  • Land protection 

  • Soil testing


If you operate a Free Range (FR) or Outdoor Bred (OB) system, the National Environmental Guidelines for Rotational Outdoor Piggeries provides information to manage your piggery sustainably. These guidelines are a national approach to environmental management.  

The guidelines cover issues such as: 

  • Site selection 

  • Planning requirements 

  • Separation and buffer distances 

  • Pig accommodation  

  • Paddock facilities 

  • Nutrient budgeting 

  • Promoting more even distribution of manure nutrients 

  • Land and water protection measures 

  • Mortalities management 

  • Environmental risk assessment 

  • Monitoring and assessment of sustainability  

  • Nutrient management plans

Nutrient balance calculator

The nutrient balance calculator is an easy-to-use tool that assists piggery operators to sustainably manage paddock rotations for outdoor piggeries.

The calculator helps farmers better understand the quantities of nutrients deposited, and how to utilise these effectively in cropping systems.

Further Resources

Visit Environmental Guidelines for further resources on: 

  • Risk assessment 

  • Management plans for your farm 

  • Piggery manure and effluent management  

  • Best practice booklets for outdoor piggeries