Industry Focus

R&D Process

Review of Innovation and RDE Model

APL recently completed a review of its Research Development and Extension (RDE) investment model against current and future industry needs. The review addressed the following questions:

  • is APL’s current RDE model fit for purpose given the rapid changes and advancements in industry ag-tech occurring worldwide?
  • is APL missing opportunities due to its current approach to investment?
  • where and what are the opportunities to invite new collaborators?
  • how does APL increase the impact of its investments through partnerships?

The review recommended a new RDE investment model, Industry Solutions and Industry Horizons, focused on responding to the immediate needs of industry while continuing to strategically invest in significant or transformational opportunities.

Read the Review Overview for more information

Over the coming weeks, the R&I team will provide information about the implementation of the review findings, including industry consultation and engagement.


Cost benefit analysis of APL’s RD&E programmes

The following cost benefit analyses were undertaken as a collaboration between APL R&D program managers and ACIL Allen. A collaborative approach was used to build greater understanding of and support for evaluation within the R&D program team. By working collaboratively the required insights were more readily acquired and the implications of the findings directly applied to the programs being evaluated.

Read the Cost benefit analysis of APL’s RD&E programmes – March 2019