Project Goal

The aim of this project was to field test the EMMAs device which is a sensor based device that can provide real-time effluent monitoring, focusing on feed waste and biogas potential.

Project summary

Previous studies have developed an effluent sensor device which monitors feed waste and estimates effluent nitrogen content and biogas potential.

This project aimed to further test the prototype sensor in different effluent systems in the commercial pig industry and explore its potential for commercialisation. The project identified and rectified a number of issues through the bedding in process on site and was operated successfully in two different effluent systems for six months. The machines were able to successfully predict feed waste and biogas potential with a high confidence when integrated into a piggery site.

APL and its research partner, the Qld Department of Agriculture and Fisheries are now looking for partners to develop the device to a commercial offering.

Value for producers

  • Reduced feed waste through faster management response to issues
  • Determination of biogas potential over long term rather than one off tests
  • Determination of spreading/fertiliser potential based on nitrogen content


  • It was recommended that the device now be offered to commercial partners to develop and sell to producers.
Research enquiries