Fast-tracking new struvite separation technology adoption - industry feasibility review of the technology

Project goal

Explore the feasibility of struvite separation technology to produce fertiliser from pig effluent.

Project summary

Currently, manure use as a fertiliser can be limited by high transportation costs, and perceived environmental concerns. There is potential to optimise struvite extraction from piggery effluent and so use it as a more concentrated efficient source of phosphorus fertliser than sludge. This project explored the feasibility of struvite separation technology.

Value for producers: 

  • Potential to generate struvite fertiliser as a piggery byproduct


  • Recovery of struvite from piggery effluent is technically feasible
  • The proportion of phosphorus in piggery effluent available for struvite recovery is quite low (~15%), but this could be increased.
  • Further work is needed to do the economic analysis to evaluate the viability of struvite separation technology; overseas reports are highly variable.
Research enquiries