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Waste Management (PigBal)

PigBal 4

PigBal 4 is a model for estimating waste outputs for the evaluation and design of piggery management systems and sustainable reuse areas. It can also be used to estimate volatile solids production for the purpose of estimating Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and is used to determine baseline calculations.

The latest version (PigBal_v4.099) was reviewed and revised in May 2018 to improve the accuracy of manure and GHG predictions. It is anticipated that the upgraded version of PigBal will be adopted nationally as the standard tool for providing realistic estimates of solids and major nutrients in piggery waste streams. It is also available for download from the Department of Environment and Energy website.


Download a copy of the model here

Download a copy of the manual here

Waste Management Resources for your state

The Australian government’s website provides helpful information on waste management in business. The table on the website has information and resources for all states and territories. Regardless of the type of business you run, it’s possible to reduce your impact on the environment and improve your bottom line.