Most of the greenhouse gases (GHG) in pork production come from emissions from effluent ponds. Effluent ponds collect waste from pig production (urine, faeces, split feed) before it is reused. 

66% of GHG emissions from pork production come from effluent ponds. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to reduce GHG emissions up to 80%. 

For further information see Renewable energy (Biogas)


Australian pork production has a lower carbon footprint than international pork industries. As well as less environmentally efficient piggeries, imported pork has a much larger carbon footprint due to long distance and refrigerated transport.

PigGas calculator

The PigGas Calculator can help you calculate and reduce your piggery emissions. 

The PigGas Calculator models the emissions from any piggery production and manure management system. It uses the methodology and calculation protocols developed by the Australian Government for its international reporting obligations.  

PigGas is a spreadsheet calculator in Microsoft Excel. You’ll need to have Microsoft Excel 2010 or any later version to run the program.  
For more information and guidance, download the PigGas User Guide below.