Destruction, disposal, and decontamination (DDD)

Project goal

Development of decision support tools for on-farm mass herd euthansia, disposal and decontamination (DDD) for the Australian Pig Industry in the event of an exotic disease outbreak

Project summary

Preparation is the key to the early and rapid eradication of an identified EAD outbreak. Response activities must be effectively coordinated, ensuring that the needs of all impacted parties are met. Pre-planning of response activities assists in limiting the number of ‘on-the-run’ decisions made during an EAD outbreak, and so this project will explore DDD options, and, based on the findings, provide the industry with the tools to develop site-specific EAD response plans.

Value for producers:

  • Improve industry's ability to plan, prepare, and respond to an EAD outbreak
  • To improve coordination between the Australian pork industry and other decision makers in an EAD situation (vets, local and state governments/bodies, etc)
Research enquiries