Feed and transport

About the position

Job description

This role is involved in the transport of pigs to and/or from farms to other farms or to abattoirs for processing, and/or the transport of feed and feed ingredients to and/or from milling facilities and farms. 

Minimum education, experience, or skills

  • Drivers, HC, and/or HR licence 



  • Transport of pigs and/or feed and/or grain 
  • Cleaning of trucks 
  • Basic maintenance of trucks 
  • Record keeping (including national vendor declarations as required) of loads and journeys 
  • Adhere to work health and safety requirements 
  • Adhere to quality assurance, animal welfare, and farm biosecurity requirements 


Other skills

Able to work independently
Time management
Working under pressure
Career pathways


Feed & Transport
Feedmill Supervisor
Feedmill Manager

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