About the position

Job description

Work individually or in a team to maintain the health and welfare of pigs through daily husbandry activities. 

Could be in farrowing areas, with weaners/growers/finishers, with breeding sows and/or boars, or it could be across multiple production areas. Could also be on an indoor farm, or an outdoor farm. 

Minimum education, experience, or skills 

No experience needed. 

Desirable skills/traits: 

  • Good attitude 
  • Willingness to learn 
  • Willingness to work with animals 
  • Reasonable level of fitness 
  • Driver’s licence



  • Feeding and checking pigs 
  • Move and weigh pigs 
  • Manage sick and injured animals (including administering treatments) 
  • Carry out other husbandry tasks (artificial insemination, ultrasound, heat detection, semen collection, etc.) as appropriate 
  • Keep farm records 
  • Clean accommodation/housing and equipment 
  • Basic farm maintenance tasks 


Other skills

Able to work independently
Time management
Teamwork and collaboration
Animal handling and husbandry
Career pathways


Farm Maintenance
Senior Stock Person
Unit Manager
Farm Manager
Operations Manager
General Manger Farms
CEO Pig Farming

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