About the position

Job description

Use extensive experience within the pork industry to oversee the operations of multiple farms/sites to drive improvement and progression at a site level as well as through a larger business/company. 

Minimum education, experience, or skills

  • 10+ years of experience working in the pork industry 
  • 5+ years of people management experience 


Possible job perks 

  • Phone and/or laptop
  • Vehicle



  • Set and implement the business’ strategic objectives 
  • Ensure farms are meeting production and financial targets 
  • Ensure biosecurity, welfare, and health standards are being met across the business 
  • Ensure regulatory requirements are being met across the business 
  • Ensure quality, sustainability, and customer requirements are being met across the business 
  • Influence and manage diverse teams 
  • Preparing, reviewing, and delivering relevant updates and reports, budgets, and business plans 
  • Engage with internal and externals to identify and implement new and opportunities and practices  


Other skills

Pork industry knowledge and experience
Problem solving
Leadership and management
Driving improvement and change
Building networks and relationships
Budget and financial management
Career pathways


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