Pork and pear appetiser

Pork and pear appetiser


  • 1kg denuded pork loin or pork topside
  • 150g fig jam
  • 10 slices fresh pear
  • 10 pieces spring onion, green part, cut same length as pear slice


  1. Cut the pork into thin slices, approximately 100g.
  2. Spread fig jam on one side of each steak, be sure to spread right to the edge of the steak.
  3. Place one slice of pear and one piece spring onion in the center of the pork steak. Roll to encase.
  4. Once rolled, string tie pork parcel with butcher’s twine to hold together.
  5. Butchers tip: It would be a good idea to stock the fig jam that you use in store to then upsell, to accompany the ribs. You could also make extra of the coating nut and herb mixture and sell it in containers to accompany other pork cuts.

Pork and pear appetiser ingredients

Pork, Fig jam (You must include all the ingredients from the label), Fresh Pear, Fresh Spring onion.

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