Policy Division

The Policy Division is responsible for strategic policy development, advocacy and government relations across a wide variety of policy issues that affect the Australian pork industry. As a key point of contact with the industry’s various stakeholders, including the Australian and State Governments, the division seeks to manage and balance the impact of regulatory shifts, as well as changes to government policy and the compliance requirements, while ensuring the industry remains competitive and sustainable. The division addresses issues relating to animal health and welfare, climate change, environmental sustainability and planning, food safety and product integrity, traceability, feed security, emergency and issues management, trade and market access, labour and immigration, and biosecurity and quarantine. Following the re-structure of APL in early 2016, the Policy Division now incorporates corporate traditional and social media functions, the transparency initiative, and content for other communications platforms.


Research and Innovation Division

The division is responsible for investing and managing producer levies and matching government R&D funds in projects across a wide range of disciplines. The primary aim of this division is to implement the Pork National R,D&E Strategy to enhance the adoption of research outcomes or products by industry. This is delivered by a robust R,D&E process, and increased collaboration between R,D&E stakeholders including industry (including cross-sector), universities, consultants and government (State and Federal jurisdictions). The division also manages scholarship programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students and training initiatives for the industry. The division also has responsibility for the management of the industry’s quality assurance program APIQ✓®. Collaborative investment opportunities that address pork industry R&D priorities are also actively sought by the division to further leverage APL R&D funds.


Marketing Division

This division has responsibility for growing demand for Australian pork, both domestically and internationally. This includes all forms of pork, from fresh raw meat for at home or in-restaurant dining to value-added meats and delicatessen items such as ham, bacon and salami.

Demand is influenced by the division engaging in dialogues with consumers, retailers, processors and farmers and by facilitating mutually beneficial initiatives. Whilst the majority of resources for the Marketing Division are expended in strategic objectives 1 and 2, the current strategic plan has been designed so that all divisions contribute in some way to all strategic objectives.


Corporate Services Division

The Corporate Services division’s purpose is to provide support to the Board, CEO and other APL divisions. In particular, the division provides capability in finance, human resources, internal policies and procedures, administration and information and communication technology, membership services, event co-ordination and delivery of communications. Company secretarial, risk management and corporate governance services are also provided by this division, as are secretariat services to the Council of Rural Research and Development Chairs and company secretarial support to PorkScan Pty Limited.