Elected Producer Director

Executive GM of Sunpork Farms

Mr Hamann has over 35 years of industry experience.  He most recently was Executive GM of Sunpork Farms, and prior to this was CEO of the APF Group of pork assets in SA.  He currently retains Directorships for WestPork Pty Ltd, Big River Pork Abattoir, Auspork Ltd. and PorkScan Pty Ltd.  Mr Hamann is also a committee member of Pork SA and a member of their Pig Industry Fund Sub-Committee, charged with recommending funding for SA based research projects.  

Prior to his current roles in Australia, Mr Hamann spent 17 years in the pork industries of the USA and Britain where he held various Technical, Marketing and Production Operations roles including Executive VP Heartland Pork Enterprises, VP Production Murphy Farms, and PIC USA National Sales Manager. He brings broad experience and knowledge across the whole pork supply chain from genetics through production into abattoir operations and customer needs.

In his role on the APL Board, Mr Hamann is a member of the Industry Integrity Committee, Investment Committee and Market Development Committee.