Ashleigh Dyson, APL Marketing Brand Manager

Brand new ‘Get some Pork on your Fork’ advertising will launch this month with the new TV commercials focused on communicating easy mid-week dinners that the whole family will love.

These new commercials are targeted towards a behavioral segment identified by the marketing team after evaluating extensive insights.

Building on the campaign’s current audience, these new ads focus on reaching families with children and giving them the tools they need to make pork a mid-week dinner winner.

APL’s research has shown that converting this demographic to have pork in the regular family meal rotation presents as the biggest opportunity in terms of volume sales and driving fresh pork growth.

The campaign kicks off with TV ads featuring the hero dish, Pork San Choy Bow made using pork mince, and highlights how easy is it to cook pork. It shows an everyday family creating the meal at home and gives viewers the steps and easy ingredients needed to create the dish, whilst also featuring many mouthwatering pork filled moments.

The campaign will be airing in capital cities across Australia on free to air TV and radio, as well as nationally on paid TV, catch up TV and YouTube. The campaign focuses on being on air during peak moments of family togetherness, including morning and afternoon drive times on radio and peak viewing periods on free to air television. The campaign will also feature national ads on Spotify through targeted family friendly playlists and on radio steaming services.

Preliminary advertising testing has shown strong results, showing positive perception shifts around pork. These results show that not only do these commercials change perceptions towards pork being an everyday meal, but they also increase the perception of pork as a protein that kids will love, as well as being quick, easy, and terrific value for money.

Early indicators are showing these changes in perceptions move pork into a similar mindset that our audience has around chicken, which increases their preference for pork as an everyday meat.

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