The Salvation Army, Australian Pork and the NSW Farmers Association celebrated our ongoing 31-year partnership, donating 400kg of pork products to the Salvation Army to help Aussies in hardship enjoy a delicious Christmas meal.

Started by a small group of pork farmers in regional New South Wales, Ron Pollard and his family donated pork to The Salvation Army to give back to Aussies in hardship through a delicious Christmas lunch.

Pork sausages, bacon, crackling roasts and beautifully glazed Christmas hams, donated by the NSW Farmers Association, APL, Sunshine Meats and family-owned food operator BE Campbell, fed over 150 locals experiencing hardship.

PorkStar and celebrity-chef Colin Fassnidge led a team of volunteers, cooking up a storm for the breakfast and lunch activities at The Salvation Army’s Sydney Streetlevel Mission.