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Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities

Request for Proposal – Carbon Positive and Zero Waste Roadmaps

APL is seeking proposals to develop two roadmaps for the industry to meet their commitments to 1. Carbon positive pork and 2. Zero Waste. Proponents can address one or both of these projects in their application. Applications must consider options suitable for all sizes and types of pork enterprises including analysis on adoptability, legislative barriers, suitable for Australian production, additional research required and implementation.

Further information regarding this can be found in attached RFP.

Request for Proposal – Immunocastration vs Entire Male

APL is seeking proposals to conduct comprehensive desktop cost benefit analysis of pork production with entire male vs immunocastration. The applicant will be expected to investigate the monetary effects of commercial immunocastration vs entire male production on pre-slaughter and post slaughter parameters.

Further information regarding this can be found in attached RFP.

Submitting reports

The following Publication Guidelines and templates will assist with preparing reports and financial statements for APL.

Progress Report Template

Final Report Template

Guidelines for Preparing Award and Undergraduate Scholarship Final Reports

Guidelines for Preparing Financial Statements

Annual Financial Statement Template

Final Financial Statement Template

Guidelines for Disclosure of APL Project Information – Request for Disclosure Form

Completed Research Reports

Project Summaries from research commissioned by APL are available here. Full reports can be emailed on request.