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Aussie pork sausages

pork sausage consumer recipe leaflet

At the 2018 World Butcher’s Challenge competition in Belfast, our Aussie team, The Steelers, won an award for the world’s best pork sausage.

To help celebrate, APL asked The Steelers to share some pork sausage recipes with butchers to use in their in-store sausage ranges and help Australians get some more fresh pork on their forks.

Find out more on the Pork Butchers website

Get Some Pork on Your Fork

There are plenty of leaner cuts of pork that make for a delicious weeknight meal. The latest tv ad in the Get Some Pork On Your Fork campaign features the humble pork fillet which is both delicious and offers plenty of nutrition benefits.


When you start with pork, who knows where you’ll end up. There are endless possibilities with pork and this series of ads show just how versatile pork is. Get some pork on your fork!