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Looking for suggestions on how to get some pork on your fork? There is a website dedicated to consumers which includes recipe inspiration, cooking tips and details on the latest marketing campaigns.




The Australian PorkMark program helps consumers clearly identify home-grown, fresh Australian pork. By looking for the distinctive pink Australian PorkMark logo on fresh and processed products, shoppers can show their support for Australian grown pork.

The PorkMark program today has almost 400 licensees, who proudly display the PorkMark on their products, stores and websites to show they use the freshest Australian pork.

The Australian Pork Limited PorkMark Ham and Bacon Awards run each year, to celebrate the best smallgoods made from 100% Australian pork. The Bacon Awards for 2018 will be announced in September, while Ham Season runs for the month before Christmas. For more information, visit

To sign up as a PorkMark licensee, visit



Australian Pork Limited works with butchers, providing them with resources and information, including recipes and retail guides.

There is a website dedicated to butchers.



PorkStar is a program for motivated chefs and food industry leaders who are ahead of the curve with pork creativity and usage. Throughout the year, chefs participate in a range of events and are provided with resources to keep them inspired and placing more pork on their menus.

Information and resources for chefs are available from the dedicated website.


Other marketing activities

Australian Pork Limited’s Marketing Division works with consumers, retailers, processors and farmers. The team is tasked with growing demand for Australian pork, both domestically and internationally.