Enhancing supply chain profitability through reporting and utilisation of peri-mortem information

Project goal

Enhancing supply chain profitability through reporting and utilization of peri-mortem information by livestock producers.

Project summary

Health4Wealth aims to develop a standardised approach to data collection and producer feedback for visible disease-related carcass and offal condemnations for sheep, cattle, pig and goat meat.

Sharing such information will allow producers to make informed decisions about disease management to maximise yield outcomes, delivering benefits across the supply chain.

Value for producers:

  • Enables producers to take the most appropriate actions to address diseases and conditions identified, maximising yield outcomes
  • Confirms the value of a national rollout and identifies the tools and enablers required to facilitate this rollout


  • Results demonstrates a very strong value proposition for a national rollout for both producers and processors. The net present value of the benefits exceeds the present value of the costs by more than 3.6 times for producers and 4.6 times for processors
  • Additional peri-mortem data can help producers reduce disease/defects in animals, but education and support are needed to ensure that both producers and processers know how to best utilise the data
Research enquiries

For further information on pork quality, please contact Vaibhav Gole on 0436 934 763 or email: vaibhav.gole@australianpork.com.au