Feeding female grower pigs betaine to reduce backfat

Project goal

Optimising the duration of betaine supplementation in pig production.

Project summary

Betaine is a conditional supplement used in pig production. The key factors that determines the cost-effectiveness of its use are when and for how long it is supplemented.

This project explored the optimisation of betaine supplementation in different phases of pig production by comparing the productive performance. 

Value for producers:

  • Enhanced growth of pigs which thereby saves production costs
  • Reduced fat deposition in carcasses resulting in less penalties for producers at processing


  • Betaine is recommended to be added in at 0.1 per cent the female grower phase diet (10-16 weeks) to reduce backfat.
  • Betaine is not recommended to be added to weaner diets (4-10 weeks)
  • Betaine can be added to the lactation diet over summer to reduce the impact of heat stress
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