Development of a novel sensor technology to improve effluent management decisions in the pork industry

Project goal

Provide automated real-time on-line effluent monitoring and management advice.

Project summary

This project examined harnessing AgTech to enhance effluent monitoring and management. It examined and developed a device to provide advice on managing and decreasing feed waste, better effluent nutrient management and assessing biogas production potential.

Value for producers:

  • System capable of paying back investment in the device in less than a year (based on 400 sow piggery).
  • Estimates effluent nitrogen content and biological methane potential.
  • Web application is user friendly and customisable, it provides insight into feed waste, nitrogen content, and biological methane potential.


  • Additional validation of the project would be beneficial.
  • Device is potentially commercially viable, and this is currently being investigated as an opportunity.
Research enquiries