A Common Approach to Sector-Level GHG Accounting for Australian Agriculture

Project goal

A collaborative project to create a common approach for greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting across the agricultural sector to provide clear methodological guidance for sector level GHG accounting

Project summary

This was a collaborative project supported by Australian pork as well as 8 other RDCs (AgriFutures Australia, Cotton Research and Development Corporation, Dairy Australia, Grains Research and Development Corporation, Hort Innovation, Meat and Livestock Australia, Sugar Research Australia, Wine Australia), Agricultural Innovation Australia (project managers), CSIRO (project delivery) and the WA Department of Primary Industries and Rural Development.

The project aimed to develop a consistent common framework for agriculture GHG baseline accounting at sector level (eg. Pork) to guide improvements in data collection and GHG reporting over time.

Value for producers 

  • The solution provides an approach for mixed farming that considered co-products that come under different RDCs to potentially limit multiple data requests
  • A comprehensive guide on GHG emission accounting terminology to ensure all producers across commodities can ‘speak the same language’ in regards to emissions accounting
  • Helps to tell a better story for Australian agriculture as a whole


  • This method should be assessed alongside the current pork method for lifecycle assessment in the next benchmarking project
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