Project goal

This project aimed to create a roadmap to identify a way to implement the industry’s goal of maximising the reuse of materials in a circular economy and preventing piggery waste from going to landfill. It aimed to make resources and research accessible through development of guidance documents.

Project summary

APL aims to support the industry to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2025, an ambitious goal to contribute to the circular economy by reducing waste throughout the agri-food sector. The industry is already in a strong position in this space, both as a suer of by-products from other industries and as an efficient users of all the resources on farm to maximise pork production, reuse nutrients and provide services in waste management to others.

This project aimed to clearly present all the areas where the pork industry both generates and manages waste and identifies actions that can be taken to reduce waste overall. It covers the areas of feed, energy, nutrients, water and solid wastes.

Value for producers

  • Producers, and the industry, will have a clear and concise pathway to achieving zero waste to landfill through development of a producer facing 'Roadmap' that provides options on meeting the goal of zero waste pork production for various product systems and sizes.
  • APL will be equipped to provide extension to producers who seek to reduce their waste footprint.
  • The industry will enhance their reputation and social license by demonstrating a pathway towards a community expectation of moving up the waste hierarchy and toward a circular economy.

Key findings:

  • Knowledge gaps identified where further research would assist in the roadmap. These gaps will inform future R&D spend.
  • Existing actions to immediately and incrementally decrease farm waste footprint identified. These recommendations already have supporting research for potential immediate on-farm adoption.
Research enquiries