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Job description

This role assists in coordinating movements of pigs, feed, or other products into or out of a business or site. 

This could be on the farm side (movement of pigs/genetic material), feed side (raw materials and/or milled feed), or processing side (movement of pigs into a processing facility). 

Minimum education, experience, or skills

  • Experience in an administrative/scheduling role 


Possible job perks

  • Phone and/or laptop



  • Manage relationships with customers/clients/other stakeholders 
  • Liaise with transport providers and drivers 
  • Process invoices and purchase orders 
  • Data entry and reporting (stock numbers, and or product inventories) 
  • Coordinate deliveries, shipments, and other movements (of pigs or products) 
  • Ensure documentation accompanying stock, feed, or product movements is completed and correct 
  • Other administrative tasks 


Other skills

Time management
Networking and relationships
Customer service
Computer literate
Budget and financial management
Attention to detail
Career pathways


HR & Logistics

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