What is the PorkMark licensing program?

The Australian PorkMark licensing program allows producers, processors and retailers who make and sell fresh pork and smallgoods to use the pink square Australian Pork logo on their packaging and marketing communication materials.

Majority of smallgoods in Australia are made with imported pork. The program aims to differentiate products made with Australian Pork and make it easier for consumers to find these products.

The country-of-origin labelling system (CoOL) helps make it clearer where food comes from, but it can still be confusing for consumers. The PorkMark is a guarantee that the pork in the product is Australian.

The use of the Australian Pork logo should be used in conjunction with the mandatory country of origin labels. This will show consumers your product is both made and grown in Australia.

How to become a PorkMark licensee

To become part of the PorkMark program, you need to determine the type of licence you require. There are two different types of licences: import permit holder and non-importer.

If your company holds an import permit you will still be able to use the PorkMark logo on your Australian processed goods. You will need to sign a different licensing arrangement – please contact us to arrange this.

If you do not hold an import licence, the licensing process is as simple as getting in touch with the PorkMark team and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

Please see the Consumer Mark License Agreement Non-Importer T&Cs. 

Resources and information on country-of-origin labelling

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has published guidance on the origin labelling rules for food.

Learn more about CoOL and order free point-of-sale material.

Introducing the new Australian Pork Consumer Mark


New Australian Pork Consumer Mark





Whilst there’s great demand for our current Australian Pork logo which acts as a corporate mark, consumer advertising mark and a packaging seal of quality.

Our research tells us that consumers are looking for an easier way to identify products made with Australian pork, and that our current logo isn’t visible and easy to understand.

To fix this, we studied different logos that consumers like, so we could learn what people prefer.

What we discovered was that the logo people liked most, looks similar to the current Australian Pork logo but is simpler to understand and much easier to recognize on shelf.

The new Australian Pork Consumer Mark is specifically designed for consumer advertising. It will serve as the primary logo for retail products that contain Australian pork and will be the packaging seal of quality. The pink Australian Pork square logo will remain Australian Pork Limited’s Corporate Mark.


corporate and consumer pork mark









To all licensees using the current pink square Australian Pork logo, a transition period will occur up until December 31, 2024. Please ensure the new Australian Pork Consumer Mark is used on packaging and marketing materials starting Jan 1, 2025.

All artworks that use the Australian Pork Consumer Mark will need to be sent to porkmark@australianpork.com.au for approval.

About the new Australian Pork Consumer Mark

The Australian Pork Consumer Mark is at the heart of the brand identify. The consumer mark represents Australian Pork’s traditional values, progressive philosophies and bold visions. This carries the equity and stature of the Australian Pork Masterbrand. The flag/ribbon shape represents the quality cues embedded in our brand. The fork nods to our “Get Some Pork On Your Fork” campaign equity.

The Australian Pork Consumer Mark was designed to be an identifier of products made with Australian pork. The consumer mark must only be used when referencing products containing 100% Australian pork.

Using the Australian Pork Consumer Mark on pack aims to make it easier for consumers to find products made with Australian pork. Products made with Australian pork also means the pork has come fresh from Australian farms, have followed Australian quality standards and have been ethically produced. For true Australian Quality, just look for the Australian Pork Consumer Mark.

There are three Australian Pork Consumer Marks, two of which are used to represent specific production systems.
The Primary Australian Pork Consumer Mark is at the heart of the brand identify.
The Secondary Australian Pork Consumer Mark cover the two certification marks.

To get the logo files and brand guidelines, please reach out to porkmark@australianpork.com.au


Primary consumer mark


New Australian Pork Consumer Mark







Secondary consumer mark


Secondary consumer mark