Step 1

Complete an internal audit six to eight months after your last APIQ Compliance Audit

Activities include:

  • Close any CARs identified in the internal audit
  • Review on-farm manuals and records to ensure systems remain current
  • Ensure systems are compliant with current APIQ Standards
Step 2

APIQ Management will notify you 12 weeks prior to the expiry of your APIQ certification

An APIQ Compliance Audit is conducted no earlier than three months prior to the current APIQ certification expiry date.

Step 3

Within 4 weeks you will be contacted by an AUS-MEAT auditor, They will schedule your audit(s) before your certification expires

Any required extensions will be discussed with your assigned auditor. APIQ Management will update your certification status and provide your extended expiry date.

For non-scheduling related extensions, you must provide a written request to APIQ Management. After considering your request for an exception they will advise you and AUS-MEAT of the decision.

Step 4

You, or your representative/s, participate in the Compliance Audit

The AUS-MEAT auditor performs the following on-site functions as part of a Compliance Audit:

  • Desk Audit: the auditor meets with the producer or their representative to review the audit plan. Activities include:
    • Conducting a review of the Piggery Management Manual (previously known as QA Manual) and recording system
      • The producer locates and outlines key elements of the manual(s) and record(s)
      • Ensure issues identified in previous audits have been rectified
      • Auditor selects other focus areas that arise through the course of the discussion.
  • Site Audit: the Auditor conducts a Site Audit walking through the facilities and piggery areas. Activities include:
    • Observing the operations
    • Discussing activities with workers, owners or management
    • Evaluating the practices being used against the producers Piggery Management Manual
  • Closing Meeting: during this meeting the auditor, producer and any representatives will:
    • Review the findings and observations of the Compliance Audit
    • Agree to and sign off on Corrective Action Requests
    • Outline further steps required for approval


Step 5

The auditor records audit findings and creates a compliance audit report for your site.

AUS-MEAT will provide you with a copy of this report. Where CAR(s) are identified, they will provide you with a Corrective Action Report specifying items for action.

You work with your auditor to close out any CAR(s) within 60 days of the date of your audit.

Step 6

AUS-MEAT will notify APIQ Management about the status of your audit

APIQ Management maintains the APIQ certification record for your site. They will notify you of your APIQ certification status. Status can be current, conditional, extended, suspended, or cancelled.

For producers new to APIQ, status is provided as soon as you have met all APIQ Standards and Performance Indicators.

If your site has CAR(s) still to be closed, APIQ Management will determine whether they can issue Conditional Certification. In this case Current Certification will apply once all CAR(s) are closed.

Your APIQ Certificate is available via the APL PigPass portal. You are given access details to PigPass in your notification email, or through APIQ Management if you do not have internet access.

Step 7

AUS-MEAT will invoice you directly for their audit services

APIQ Compliance Audit Fees and Charges have been set and agreed to by the APL Board and AUS-Meat.


Step 8

If you have any questions about the process give us a call

Contact APIQ Management

Phone: 1800 789 099




Auditors may take photographs within the piggery. These photographs will be to verify compliance or non-compliance to the APIQ Standards. Any photographs will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.