NAMMP Project

NAMMP Project

Pork GHG Mitigation


Lead organisation and partner organisations:

Lead: Feedlot Services Australia Pty Ltd (FSA Consulting); The Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry, University of Wollongong

Principal Investigator: Mr Eugene McGahan (FSA), Dr Francis Phillips (UOW)

Project Partners: Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Australian Pork Limited

Outcomes to Industry

This project has filled knowledge gaps by providing baseline data to compare conventional flushing piggeries using a long hydraulic retention time (HRT) effluent treatment pond (the main piggery effluent system in Australia) to either short HRT effluent systems or deep litter housing.

The main outcome from this project is the identification of three potential, practical and viable Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) methods for reducing GHG emissions in piggeries for subsequent implementation by pork producers.

The short (<30 days) HRT treatment reduced the total GHG emissions by about 87% compared to a long (>200 days) HRT.  Furthermore, the deep litter manure management system and the deep litter plus stockpiling the litter reduced the GHG emission potential by 85% and 56%, respectively, based on emission factors derived directly from the project.

The project provides strong scientific basis to assist with the potential development of new ERF methods for Australian piggeries, as well providing emission factors to update the industry standard model PIGBAL and National Accounts Inventory

Fact Sheet: Pork GHG Mitigation