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Best practice gilt management for fertility and longevity

High sow turnover, or replacement rate, is an ongoing issue in the Australian pig industry. High sow turnover within a herd leads to a reduction in sow lifetime performance (the number of pigs produced per sow per day of herd life). Despite considerable research conducted in this area over the last decade, very little improvement in sow turnover has been made. This manual uses research outcomes to provide a targeted gilt development and management protocol, and will ensure all potential replacement gilts in Australia are given the opportunity to have a long and productive life in the breeding herd.

‘Best practice gilt management for fertility and longevity’ was edited by Dr. Rebecca Athorn (Manager, Production Innovation at APL) and Dr. Kate Plush (SunPork Solutions).

2019-09 Best Practice Gilt Management for Fertility and Longevity

Alternatively, for a free copy of the manual mailed to you, please contact Rebecca Athorn on or on 02 6270 8827.