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Foodbank serving up Aussie pork to those in need

AMID the social and economic disruptions caused by COVID-19 in recent months, Australia’s pork industry has been working with the country’s leading food relief organisation, Foodbank Australia, to support Australians struggling to put food on the table. In a collaboration involving the Federal Government and Australian Pork Limited (APL), Foodbank Australia’s provision of protein to members of the community in need has been boosted by weekly deliveries from several pork wholesalers across the country. More than a quarter of Australian pork is usually consumed in foodservice outlets, so when …

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Melissa Clark-Reynolds says COVID-19 and African swine fever are “practice runs” for more significant global threats in the future. CONFRONTING words on the topic of COVID-19 from New Zealand futurist, Melissa Clark-Reynolds, kicking off Australian Pork Limited’s (APL) new podcast ‘Next on the Menu’. The future-focussed podcast is hosted by APL Chairman, Andrew ‘Billy’ Baxter and GM of Business and Innovation, Mitch Edwards. Melissa compares African swine fever (ASF) to COVID-19, saying both pandemics are merely test runs for the next international economic, health or …

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JobKeeper eligibility for farming businesses.

Please note this is general information only and should not to be taken as advice. If you have not yet applied for JobKeeper, this information should only be used as guidance to stimulate conversation. For information that relates to your unique situation, you should seek advice from your accountant, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) or the Rural Financial Counselling Service. The Federal Government is adding an additional $15 billion to the JobKeeper scheme which will continue until 28 March 2021.         The payment rate of $1,500 per fortnight will be reduced …

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