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CoVID-19 update for producers (24 March 2020)

Australian Pork Limited is active on several fronts in response to the rapidly evolving impact of COVID-19. APL is committed to ensuring Australian pig producers and the wider pork industry are best placed to respond to the unfolding situation.

We are encouraged by assurances from Federal and State jurisdictions that agricultural supply chains, as ‘essential services’, will remain operational during any shut-down period. Nonetheless we will maintain a vigilant watching brief on anything which may compromise producer and processor operations.

APL is working closely with the National Farmers’ Federation and directly with the Federal Government to guarantee the movement of livestock, food and farm inputs across the country, even upon the closure of state borders.

Furthermore, APL will remain in regular contact with State Pork Groups to communicate updates on national initiatives and receive valuable local feedback to help guide ongoing APL priorities. State-based representative groups are working with their respective State Governments to ensure our industry remains operational to maintain supply to consumers and to uphold the wellbeing of the animals in our care. Given much of the powers relating these emergency situations rests with the States, the advocacy work being undertaken by state groups, for example in Victoria, is crucial.

APL is strongly promoting the National Farmers’ Federation’s campaign to reassure shoppers of their ongoing access to quality, locally-grown fresh food. NFF’s campaign included a full page newspaper ad and a short video for social media.

Pork has also played a role in the broader message from agriculture, with pig producer Ean Pollard featuring in NSW Farmers’ campaign to reassure consumers about the supply of fresh meat and produce.

As outlined in APL’s media release, food service outlets had experienced unprecedented downturns in business and many have since been forced to close. Meanwhile, supermarkets and butchers have seen high demand for easy-to-freeze meats like mince and sausages.

Accordingly, APL’s marketing team has already commenced work to promote recipes and ideas for consumers who have purchased pork to eat at home. A great eating experience is always important, especially for those who don’t regularly prepare pork meals at home.

In response to the spike in retail purchasing over the past week or two, Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has committed to continue to work with industry to keep rural supply chains moving and safeguard Australia’s food supply.

APL has also welcomed Minister Littleproud’s announcement that former Deputy Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Mark Tucker, has been appointed as the key liaison between the Department and industry, to help ensure agricultural production and supply chains are maintained through the COVID-10 response.

In the meantime, our industry is being represented at a number of high-level Federal Government working groups, convened by the Prime Minister, relevant Ministers and Commonwealth Departments.

Producers are encouraged to consider how the Federal Government’s second round of COVID-19 support measures may apply to their businesses. APL has also developed a guide for producers to manage the risks posed by CoVID-19, which is a valuable resource at this time. Further advice and information will be shared with producers as it becomes available.

– APL CEO Margo Andrae

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