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Take the night off and support your local

Take a break from cooking and support your local restaurants by joining today’s National Takeaway Day celebrations.

Australian Pork Limited CEO, Margo Andrae, said the pork industry was keenly supporting the Restaurant and Catering Association of Australia initiative, which is part of the ongoing #EatAloneTogether campaign in support of the foodservice industry.

“Australian foodservice businesses have been severely impacted by COVID-19. Today’s National Takeaway Day initiative is a great way we can all show our ongoing support for our favourite local restaurants and their employees,” Ms Andrae said.

“It’s important we all do our bit to support local foodservice businesses which are fighting against unprecedented challenges to get back on their feet. And by sharing our own #EatAloneTogether takeaway experience on social media, we can promote our favourite restaurants even more widely.”

Ms Andrae said the foodservice industry was a long-term supporter of Australian pork producers and that producers, in turn, continue to strongly support the foodservice industry.

“Many restaurants have adjusted their business models and stepped-up their takeaway offerings in the past couple of months to remain operational. While dine-in restrictions remain in place, takeaway is a wonderful way to enjoy our favourite restaurant meals,” Ms Andrae said.

“It will take time for businesses to recover and while their employees remain impacted, APL will continue to work behind the scenes to support them. We’ll continue to deliver the Hospo4Hospo initiative, which serves up free pork meals to hospitality workers impacted by COVID-19 shut-downs. And we’re also continuing with other APL initiatives that are providing resources, support and advice to our friends and partners across the foodservice industry.” 

The foodservice sector accounts for up to a quarter of all Australian pork sales and plays a huge role in promoting a wide array of pork dishes to consumers. COVID-19 restrictions have effectively suspended foodservice supply chains and farmgate prices have been weaker as a result. But in confidence-building news for producers and the whole industry, pig prices are now stabilising.

“Importantly for the 35,000 people working in Australia’s $5.3 billion pork industry, it has been business as usual in terms of farmgate production in recent weeks. This has ensured consumers have been well supplied with affordable and versatile Australian pork products,” Ms Andrae said.

“COVID-19 has created a number of hurdles for producers and processors, especially in terms of redirecting pork usually sold via foodservice outlets and ensuring continuity in our export sales.”

Ms Andrae said exports to Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam have been crucial in maintaining supply balance in the domestic market during COVID-19 restrictions.

“With an improved seasonal outlook across much of the country, some much-needed relief from high fodder prices and record-breaking retail sales figures, Australian pork producers are confident about emerging from COVID-19 restrictions in a strong position,” Ms Andrae said.

“As the foodservice industry slowly gets back on its feet, it’s important we help the hospitality business operators, employees and families whose livelihoods have been jeopardised by COVID-19.

“Restaurants and other foodservice outlets across the country do such a wonderful job of promoting locally grown pork and other Australian farm produce. Now is a critical time for us to back them in their recovery.”

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