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Letter to the editor: Support for local butchers crucial

To the editor,

Some very encouraging news amid the COVID-19 pandemic is that butchers remain open for business.

In exceptional times like these, our national food supply is a fundamental priority and Australians know that butchers aren’t just an important service, they’re an essential service.

When retail support is so critical, there’s no easier way to help a small business than to stop by your local butcher and pick up something for dinner.

You’ll be helping a small business operator, their employees and their suppliers, including the 35,000 people working in Australia’s $5.3 billion pork industry.

Butchers share our industry’s priority to protect the ongoing wellbeing of staff and customers, and to ensure a consistent supply of quality Australian produce.

At the farmgate, our producers are doing their bit by maintaining the supply of high quality, locally grown pork. That continuity is ensuring supply chain jobs are retained and means we’re delivering affordable, fresh pork to retailers right around the country.

Even at a time when household budgets might be stretched, there’s a wide range of versatile cuts of fresh pork and other meats to choose from to create healthy, family-friendly meals.

Pork producers are proud to be part of Australian agriculture and now is as good a time as any for all Australians to share in the pride of what our country’s farmers, across all commodities, have to offer.

– Margo Andrae
CEO, Australian Pork Limited

Pictured: Australian Pork Ltd chair Andrew Baxter and APL CEO Margo Andrae with Annie and John Hill from Barossa Hill Butchers at Tanunda, SA

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