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PigPass app development goes on-farm

Gerald Wursag (PigPass app developer) and Steve Miller (APIQ✓® Operations Manager) met with various PigPass stakeholders recently to gain a better understanding of their needs around electronic movement reporting, a critical step if they are to make the change from paper-based NVDs to fully electronic with the PigPass app.

As well as catering for both Android and Apple operating systems, the app needs to be simple to use and flexible enough to be used by as many stakeholders as possible, while offering significantly more accurate data for traceability purposes.

The app is still in ‘beta’ stage, meaning that it’s still being tested and refined before release for general use, but producers and supply chain have generally been quite excited about the opportunity to streamline and improve the current paper-based system.

The next stage of testing by selected producers, transporters and abattoirs is anticipated in March, with a view to going live in April if all goes well.

Steve, Gerald and the PigPass team would like to thank Westmill Piggery, Greg Dunn Transport and Breakout River Meats for their time and valuable feedback.

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