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Let’s #EatAloneTogether

A new campaign encouraging people to #EatAloneTogether has been launched by Restaurant & Catering Australia (R&CA), in partnership with some of Australia’s most high profile food industry personalities.

The campaign is a response to the COVID-19 impacts on the sector and encourages people to order from their favourite venues and share a meal online, using the hashtag #EatAloneTogether.

APL’s Mitch Edwards appears in the campaign and says people can keep celebrating those special moments and share meals together, plus support their local venues.

“This is a really difficult period for the foodservice industry, so this campaign seeks to get Aussies supporting their local restaurants. Treat yourselves tonight, encourage your friends to do the same and support our foodservice industry,” he said.

Join in the campaign by posting photos of your #EatAloneTogether meal online and use the hashtag.

The campaign is being supported by APL’s foodservice programs, PorkStar and Inspired by Australian Pork.

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