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Get social and share: #aussieham #thegreatestgift

Christmas Ham Season has launched, and this year we’re tying in our amazing pork producers.  

While many Australians enjoy ham at Christmas, most are unaware that the majority of ham sold in this country is made from imported pork.

So, this year we’re encouraging everyone to add an Aussie ham to their festive feast, but also get active on social.

Using the tagline “The greatest gift you can give an Aussie pig farmer this year is to buy Australian”, we want people to take the Aussie ham oath (see below) and post to social media using #aussieham and #thegreatestgift.

The campaign launched this week with a unique ‘speed dating’ style lunch. Over 30 Producers and influencers came together, to discuss the great work our industry does, and to raise awareness of imports in ham this Christmas.  We’re working to build the campaign as Christmas approaches. People who film themselves taking the oath or repost one on social media using the hashtag #thegreatestgift will also have a chance to win one of five leg hams.

Get involved, encourage your friends and family to post and share, and let’s get the word out that the greatest gift you can give an Aussie pig farmer this Christmas, is to buy Australian!

The 2019 Australian Ham Oath

(think Green Eggs and Ham)

I will not buy imported ham.
I would not, could not buy that ham.

I do not like imported pork.
I do not want it on my fork.

I only want Aussie ham.

I only want it from here not there.
I won’t buy it from just anywhere.

I only want Aussie ham.

I will only buy it with a full bar,
I will only buy it from near not far.
I will support our Aussie Farms.

Because I love Aussie Ham

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