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Generating electricity from spent bedding

2018/0029 – Conversion of spent bedding materials using moving injection horizontal gasification (MIHG)

Investigator: Dr Greg Perkins, Wildfire Energy

APL commissioned Wildfire Energy in conjunction with Rivalea Australia to demonstrate gasification of spent bedding using a moving injection horizontal gasification (MIHG) plant.

The process involves loading spent bedding into the reactor, which is then ignited. Air is then retracted from the system to gasify the fuel. The raw synthetic gas produced from the reaction is cleaned using a wet scrubbing technology before being converted to electricity using proven gas engine technology. The electricity can then be either used on site or supplied to the power grid.

Benefits to industry

  • Spent bedding can be converted to electricity using gasification technology whilst at the same time reducing excess stockpiles on farm.

Key findings

  • 3 capacities, 0.5, 1 and 1.5MWe (megawatt electricity), were studied with a payback period ranging 3-8 years.
  • Annual electricity savings of up to $1.5 million/year for 1.5 MWe was proposed using the MIHG system
  • Improved payback periods are possible with co-generation applications.

As the full report is commercial in confidence, a factsheet that summarised the key outcomes of this project is available for download.

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