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CEO’s Message – 22 May 2020

The pork industry’s ongoing support for our foodservice partners will be critical as COVID-19 restrictions ease and restaurants, cafes and pubs resume trade in the coming weeks.

That support for restaurants, butchers and other outlets selling Australian pork was central to the message in a short social media video from SA pork producer and Animal Health Australia chair Sharon Starick, published by APL this week. Telling our producers’ proud story and the highlighting the imperatives of buying Australian pork to support Australian jobs is particularly important given the sharp rise in national unemployment and significant economic challenges Australia will be facing for the foreseeable future.

APL will continue our work with the National Farmers’ Federation, our state-based producer organisations and all levels of government to ensure not only is Australia’s pork industry well placed to emerge from COVID-19 restrictions, but also able to help drive much needed economic activity for the nation.

The abrupt loss of foodservice sales, which usually accounts for up to a quarter of all Australian pork products, has put pressure on our supply chains in recent weeks. Now, the sooner significant volumes of our product, especially popular dine-out cuts like ribs and bellies, can be directed back to the foodservice sector, the more that supply chain pressure will be eased.

With this in mind, APL has maintained extremely strong relationships with the foodservice sector during COVID-19 restrictions, including through our ongoing Hospo4Hospo initiative and by supporting National Takeaway Day earlier this week.

Restaurants and other foodservice outlets, as well as butchers, do an exceptional job of promoting locally grown pork and other Australian farm produce. Now is a critical time for us to back them in their recovery.

– Margo Andrae, APL CEO

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