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Australian pork the greatest gift this Christmas

As we approach Christmas, rising prices for Australian pork is receiving considerable media coverage, with warnings that consumers will need to budget when purchasing Australian ham for festive season gatherings.

Higher prices for fresh Australian pork products, with rises of as much as 40 per cent in the past six months, has seen comparable increases in farmgate returns for producers. Prices for Australian pigs have already increased from an average of $2.50 per kilogram 12 months ago to be nudging $4/kg in recent weeks.

Farmgate returns of $2.50/kg, especially when factoring in high feed grain prices, were below the cost of production and forced a number of pork producers out of the industry.

Now, the more sustainable prices are providing some much-needed relief for Australian producers who have endured squeezed margins for too long.

The global spread of African Swine Fever, which is driving up pork prices overseas, has given us the opportunity to reiterate to consumers the importance of choosing healthy, disease-free Australian pork. Choosing home-grown Australian pork supports Australia’s 3700 pork producers and the sector’s 36,000 supply chains employees.

I gained extremely valuable face-to-face insight about commercial operating conditions at an informal meeting with South Australian pork producers at Tintinara earlier this month, prior to the Australian Pig Science Association Conference in Adelaide.

I am grateful to local producer and active industry representative, Andrew Johnson, for organising a strong producer attendance. Direct feedback from those working at the farmgate end of the supply chain is always very gratefully received.

The experience talking to producers from the Murray, Mallee and Upper South East regions confirmed for me the resilience of Australia’s pork producers and the significant value our $5.3 billion industry adds to rural communities.

The message over the coming weeks is simple: the greatest gift an Australian pig farmer can receive this Christmas is for Australian families to serve up Australian-grown ham on December 25.

– Margo Andrae
CEO, Australian Pork Limited

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