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Australian pig industry supports hospitality staff

Sydney distribution

After a devastating week for the foodservice industry, tonight a new Hospo4Hospo initiative launches in Sydney to give hospitality workers a glimmer of hope.

Australian pig farmers and the pork industry are partnering with restaurants to deliver free pork meals for hospitality workers, many of whom lost their jobs after COVID-19 measures forced many restaurants, pubs and clubs to close their doors.

Mitch Edwards oversees the Australian Pork Limited foodservice programs said Hospo4Hospo was about offering support, but also hope.

“It’s been a hugely challenging and confronting time for the foodservice industry, which is why pig farmers and the pork industry are teaming up with chefs and restaurants to offer hospitality workers a chance to enjoy a free takeaway meal, share a smile and a socially-distanced chat,” Mr Edwards said.

While some restaurants and cafes had modified their menus with takeaway options, Mr Edwards said others had no choice but to close their doors.

“Australia’s entire foodservice sector and its suppliers have had a very hard week,” he said.

“For the pork industry, foodservice represents about 25% of sales in Australia and that’s obviously taken a massive hit. However, this initiative is a small way our producers can give back to an industry that has supported them through the good times and the bad. For everyone else, now’s the time to order takeaway or home delivery without guilt, because you’re supporting the cafes, restaurants, their staff and suppliers.”

Hospo4Hospo starts tonight (30 March 2020) with Bloodwood Restaurant and Bar in Sydney’s Newtown serving up 100 meals for those who identify themselves as hospitality workers. 

“We hope this initiative will be well-received and, pending any further COVID-19 restrictions, Hospo4Hospo plans to do two meal services this week in both Sydney and Perth, with plans to expand to other major cities next week,” Mr Edwards said.

On Wednesday night, Sydney’s Indu will serve up 100 meals from the Meijico restaurant in the Sydney CBD. Western Australian hospitality staff will be able to pick up their free meals from Sauma in Perth on Wednesday night or Fremantle’s Young George on Thursday night.

Australian Pork Limited is continuing to support the foodservice industry and other supply chain operators impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in a range of ways as businesses try to cope with the unprecedented disruption to trade.

“Families operating small businesses and their employees are facing so much uncertainty and they need all the support we can muster for them,” Mr Edwards said.

Mitch Edwards; Bloodwood chef, Claire Van Vuuren; and APL CEO, Margo Andrae, are available for interview. Contact Katana Smith for images.

For media enquiries contact:
Katana Smith
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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 30: Bloodwood co-owner and head chef Claire Van Vuuren prepares take away meals inside her Newtown restaurant on March 30, 2020 in Sydney, Australia. Australian pork farmers have partnered with restaurants around Australia to offer free meals to hospitality workers as the COVID-19 pandemic affects their businesses and livelihoods. Hospo4Hospo initiative aims to have pop up nights hosted by different restaurants and support those in the food service industry by offering a free meal to take away and a chance to connect with others impacted by the current crisis. (Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images,)

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