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APL to join International Trade Remedies Forum

Imports are a fact of life in the Australian pork industry. Unfortunately, sometimes overseas producers and exporters can act unscrupulously by lowering their export sales prices to below the cost of production in their home market. This is known as ‘dumping’ and can damage local industry through unfair competition. As this practice is forbidden under World Trade Organization rules, Australia maintains an anti-dumping system to identify when dumping occurs, then take measures to prevent or offset it.

The Australian pork industry has been the victim of unfair trade practices in the past. While APL doesn’t currently assess that exports are being sent to Australia at unfair prices, we do see the importance of remaining vigilant while maintaining and expanding our access to the anti-dumping and trade remedies system, in the event dumping does occur.

To this end, APL has been in discussions with the Government Anti-Dumping Commissioner to expand farmers’ access to the system. Last month, the Minister for Industry, the Hon Karen Andrews MP, approved APL’s request to join the International Trade Remedies Forum (ITRF). The ITRF provides advice to government on anti-dumping policy settings, and is the key pathway for industry to recommend any changes. As a member of the ITRF in 2020, APL will be working with our allies, such as the NFF, to make sure the anti-dumping system works for Australian primary producers if and when we need it.

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