ABARES Outlook 2020 conference: Practical steps to reaching $100 billion in farm output by 2030

The ABARES Outlook 2020 conference (3-4 March 2020) will explore the Practical steps to reaching $100 billion in farm output by 2030.

What sectors will need to boost productivity and technology to be the farms of tomorrow? What sectors will benefit from new export markets? What national and international trends economic trends will influence fortunes?

In addition to economic outlook sessions, the conference will include sessions on key industry issues such as:

  • Drought and the grain supply chain;
  • Farms of tomorrow;
  • Marketing beef in a changing climate;
  • Managing biosecurity along the supply chain;
  • Building resilience in an uncertain climate future; and
  • Options for building natural capital on Australian farms.

The program and participants will combine to provide something that no other event can offer – a unique combination of public and private sector perspectives and the latest agricultural analysis and forecasts underpinned by ABARES commodity analysis and long term data sets.

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