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PorkStar creating value during COVID-19

COVID-19 restrictions forced many restaurants to close, but PorkStar chefs opened their homes and created pork recipe content that consumers loved.

It was a challenging time, manager of APL’s foodservice influencer brand, PorkStar, Kylie Roberts, found opportunities.

Supporting out-of-work hospitality employees was a priority, so she established Hospo4Hospo to serve up pork meals from restaurants who had swapped to takeaway models. Then, the program pivoted again to put pork on menu as restaurants reopened.

PorkStar’s success lies in its relationships, so when chefs suddenly found themselves at home with more time on their hands, Kylie picked up the phone. High profile chefs, Colin Fassnidge and Adrian Richardson were tasked with producing recipe videos in their own homes, showing consumers how to cook pork cuts they may have had in their freezer after the panic buying.

While both chefs could easily attract a premium due to their profile and skill, their love of pork and PorkStar meant they were happy to provide high quality content at a highly discounted rate. Both PorkStars went even further, delivering additional videos with no cost to Australian pork.

More than a million people have watched the videos on APL and the chefs’ own social media, with recipes including Adrian’s crackling and roast and Colin’s schnitzel and meatballs.

The exposure for Australian pork increased even further when Colin used a Coles “What’s for dinner?” TV spot to feature pork mince. The segment ran nationally, twice, during the evening news and was amplified through the supermarket’s social pages and

In just four months, PorkStar relationships have generated more than $300,000 worth of creative and media value, but cost APL less than a twentieth of that.

Colin Fassnidge’s recipes:

Recipes from Adrian Richardson:

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