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Increasing revenue through abattoir feedback

Part two of a three-part series on potential business improvement opportunities from R&I, originally written by Peter Haydon for Australian Pork Newspaper

As mentioned in April’s APN article, the research team continue to focus on finding ways to reduce production costs, keep our farms safe, and improve our license to operate.

In a time where it’s difficult to get any news that’s not related to COVID-19, we thought we’d put together an update on some of the things the R&I team are working on been working to deliver lately.

Increasing revenue through abattoir feedback – Vaibhav Gole

It has been estimated that the accumulated costs and losses due to full or partial condemnation of pig carcases cost the industry $10.33M annually. Veterinarians suggest up to $5.7M of this could be prevented through the introduction of ‘real time’ feedback from processors to producers.

Currently, there is an APL project underway running pilot trials using a standardised list of animal health conditions (carcase and viscera/offal) and feedback report templates.  These provide data on which conditions exist and their consequences to both producers and processors. As this project continues, pilots will be run in a larger number of domestic and export abattoirs, with case studies of these to be developed, and the reporting templates will be refined.

It is expected that this project will be complete by March 2021.

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