APL’s 2020-25 Strategic Plan: thank you for your contribution

Late last year, we invited you to make comments and submissions as we began developing APL’s new Strategic Plan. As part of this process, producers and stakeholders gathered in various locations to celebrate the industry’s achievements, reflect on challenges and explore opportunities we’re yet to capitalise on. Your feedback and participation have helped shape the 2020-25 Australian Pork Limited Strategic Plan.

The conversations and feedback helped shape our new Strategic Themes. It also helped evolve APL’s vision. We are now “the progressive pork organisation”, which is both a shift in thinking and a commitment to make us more progressive and to partner with producers to build a thriving industry.

This plan shapes our industry’s future but also drives APL, so we’ve also worked with staff to update our values, to ensure as an organisation we’re all on the same page and clear on what we’re trying to achieve. That is, as one team, we’re working to deliver your marketing, policy and research, with producers at the centre of what we do.

There are some ambitious goals in this five-year plan and we’re excited to be working with you to achieve them.

– APL CEO, Margo Andrae

Download the 2020-25 Strategic Plan 

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