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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Now is the time to pivot APL marketing focus

Article originally written by Peter Haydon for Australian Pork Newspaper The first rule of marketing is “ask a customer or observe a customer”.  Since 2010 we have been doing that. Coincidentally, pork has been the growth species over the last nine years. APL marketing programs remained consistent because customer behaviour remained largely consistent.  Australians bought what their families enjoyed eating. This has gradually changed over time towards Australian pork and chicken and away from beef and lamb. There is little doubt that Australian grocery shoppers radically changed their behaviour in …

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APIQ✓® Auditing & COVID-19

APIQ✓® Management (APIQM) would like to inform all APIQ✓® certified Producers that all APIQ✓® Audits are currently on hold. APIQ✓® Certified producers whose certification expires at the end of April 2020 have received an extension until 31 May 2020. APIQM are currently exploring remote auditing options as a way of providing better business continuity rather than postponing more audits. Rest assured that your APIQ✓® Certification status will be unaffected whilst we work through the current issues. Please stay tuned …

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Ensuring a consistent supply of high quality and nutritious Australian pork

Editorial by APL CEO, Margo Andrae, for Australian Pork Newspaper The Australian Pork Limited team is playing a leading role on several fronts in response to the rapidly evolving impact of CoVID-19. APL is committed to ensuring Australian pig producers and the wider pork industry are able to respond strongly to the unfolding situation. As an industry, our priorities are to protect the health and safety of our staff and customers, and to ensure a consistent supply of high quality and nutritious Australian pork. We …

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